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Town of Pazin

The Town of Pazin was organised as an administrative-territorial unit in 1993. Located at the very centre of the Istrian peninsula, it spans across a surface of 134.87 km2, out of a surface of 532 km2 of the ex-Municipality of Pazin, that split into the City of Pazin and seven Municipalities - Lupoglav, Cerovlje, Sveti Petar u Šumi, Motovun, Karojba, Tinjan and Gračišće. 9.227 inhabitants live on the territory of the City of Pazin. The City is composed of 12 city councils: Pazin, Stari Pazin, Beram, Kršikla, Grdoselo, Zabrežani, Heki, Trviž, Lindar, Zarečje, Kašćerga and Zamask.
According to the population census from 2001 most of the inhabitants living in the Town of Pazin have elementary school education (31.8 %). They are followed by three-year high school graduates (26.97 %) and four year high school graduates 12.26 %), graduates from a general secondary school (7.2 %), persons with university education (6.76 % ), persons that have completed from 4 to 7 years of elementary education (5.52 %), persons with community college education, a first college degree or a professional study (5.04 %) and persons that have completed up to three years of elementary education (2.91 %).
The elderly (persons over 65 years of age) according to the 2001 census compose 13.73% of the population while the percentage of youths between 15 and 29 years of age is 21.38%. 

In cooperation with the city associations, the Town of Pazin organised various trainings for youths among which: 
> 2006
Training for the members of the Youth City Council 
From June to December 3 one-day training workshops were organised for the members of the Youth City Council (13 members) in order to introduce them to their role and prepare them for further work. The workshops were held by the association GONG and the educational themes touched the subjects of local self-government, the role and the scope  of work of the Youth City Council, team and team work, presentation of the models and methods of citizen’s participation in the decision making process (elections, local committees, petitions and claims, right to access etc.), and introduction to various basic political terms (citizen, human rights, society, openness to the public, three sectors, state, civil society, associations).
> 2008
 Project “I think globally-I act locally” 
From April to June the association GONG, in cooperation with the City of Pazin, the General Secondary School (Gimnazija) and the Vocational School Juraj Dobrila realized a project that saw the participation of 50 students aged 14 to 19. The project’s aim was to change the negative attitude of young people towards politics by providing them with the opportunity to take responsibility and manage a budget in order to implement the planned measures on a local level. 

Role in the project: ASSOCIATE
Representative of the institution in charge of the project: